I create original art that is abstract, vibrant, bold and I use a variety of tools while creating each piece. Some of my favorite tools are palette knives, squeegees, and other tools that can add a bit of unexpected marks, shapes, and texture.
My creative journey started with graphic design. I earned a bachelor’s degree in fine arts with a concentration in visual communication from Loyola University Chicago. I was introduced to a variety of design and art classes through my education but hadn’t painted since school, until just a few years ago and I haven’t stopped since! When I start a painting, staring
at a blank canvas can definitely be a bit intimidating so I like to paint on a bit of color first or do some loose mark-making…get the canvas messy. Some of that may peak through on the finished painting but it’s just fun to warm up, not think, and get the creative juices flowing!
Each painting I create is like a new journey. Once I start painting, I don’t always know exactly where it will end up but I love taking the journey! Sometimes, I think I’m headed in a certain direction but the painting takes a turn down a different path and I just have to go with it! I love abstract painting because there are no rules…it’s just me and my imagination.
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